5 reasons why you should be blogging

I started this blog at the start of my PhD. To begin with, it was a way of telling my thoughts, documenting my diary and sharing what I was learning with others along the way. Now it is also a way of sharing my work and enjoying thought provoking conversations with others. Here are 5 reasons why I believe that you should be blogging too.

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1. You have a brain, a voice, and something to say…why keep your amazing thoughts in your head?…By writing them on a blog, you can start conversations with some of the other great brains in the world…what an opportunity! You could literally reach millions on the internet. Once people start to read your work, you can also become established in your field…don’t hold it all in!

2. Have you been to a good conference or seminar lately? Why not share your learnings via your very own blog?….not only will this help you to organise your thoughts and reflect on your own learning, but it will also help your peers and readers to learn from your own experiences…That’s a good thing…right?

3. Stand out as someone who creates new content online. Not only will this help you to stand out as an expert in your own field, but perspective employers, funders and collaborators will also see that you are not just another online spectator. You will fast become known as an online innovator. Think that you aren’t anything special?…By blogging, you are already doing what most people are not!

4. Blogging is free, yet it could be an invaluable tool in helping you improve your writing and your confidence. It could also help you to become more mindful, a reflective practitioner and an inspiration to others.

5. Blogging enables you to join an online community, grow your followers and develop positive and reciprocal relationships online. One way you can do this is by guest blogging (as I did recently). You can also interact with other blogs and offer constructive comments to the conversation. If you would like to practise by guest blogging here on this blog…feel free to drop me a message and I will be glad to help 🙂

Go on…see these benefits for yourself!

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Until next time…Look after yourselves and each other 💚💙💜❤


Maximising your academic potential via social media

This is just a short blog post to say that I will be hosting a seminar on …

Maximising your academic potential via social media this week at @covcampus

Many people have said they would like to come… but cannot attend on this occasion…..

As such, I will be publishing this seminar in a series of blog posts designed for academics looking to maximise their potential via social media – Hope this helps 🙂

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