Substance use in midwifery populations

The latest publication in relation to this work is:

Pezaro, S., Patterson, J., Moncrieff, G., & Ghai, I. (2020). A systematic integrative review of the literature on midwives and student midwives engaged in problematic substance use. Midwifery, 102785.

We are currently analysing survey data in relation to midwives’ problematic substance use in the United Kingdom.

Due to #Coronavirus #COVID19 and this additional pressures this has placed on NHS staff, we have now closed this survey (earlier than planned). Thank you to all of those who responded. We hope to publish results as soon as we can.

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Project Team:

We are very grateful to the Royal College of Midwives for supporting recruitment to this study.


For further information, or if you have any queries, please contact me, the lead researcher, Dr Sally Pezaro (

We are also very grateful to UNISON for sharing this survey with their members