Guest blog – Sheena Byrom & Hayley Hunton “The pressure must stop”

Re-blogging this in support of these words that resonate with me… Sadly too true #ENOUGH

World Health Innovation Summit

Below is an extract and blog post from Hayley Hunton posted on Sheena Byrom’s website. Thank you both for allowing us to share this inspiring blog that shows the dedication and commitment our healthcare workers provide everyday of the week. – Gareth Presch

The pressure must stop – a young midwife’s first ROAR

Yesterday a man came to me livid with frustration ‘this is not good enough‘ he told me ‘my daughter has been waiting hours to be seen‘ He went on to tell me ‘it isn’t you. It isn’t the other midwives, the care has been impeccable but the situation just isn’t good enough.

I know. I agree. I have shed too many tears over a career I could not love more because there is nothing I can do. What he didn’t know was that heartbreakingly this is a daily occurrence…

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