Our new research needs to know what #ShowsWorkplaceCompassion – Use the hashtag to let us know

In addition to my PhD work, I am currently working with NHS England and Coventry University on a new work programme which looks at how we might improve the staff experience in healthcare work. This new research needs to know what #ShowsWorkplaceCompassion, so that we can inform new initiatives and define what it is that we need to do in order to improve the workplace experience for healthcare staff. To do this, we need those who work in healthcare to use the hashtag (ShowsWorkplaceCompassion) on twitter to share their thoughts.

Examples might be:

‘Letting me take my lunch break #ShowsWorkplaceCompassion’

‘Finishing the meeting on time #ShowsWorkplaceCompassion’

‘Respecting my work/life balance #ShowsWorkplaceCompassion’

You can follow the research account on Twitter: @NHSStaffExp and me on Twitter @SallyPezaro. I also wanted to thank @FabNHSStuff for sharing the information on this project here

We plan to analyse all of the tweets that contain the hashtag #ShowsWorkplaceCompassion and produce a research report that consolidates all of our findings in order to share them with the wider healthcare community, policy makers and whose who are looking to implement change.

Please read and share the full details of this project here -> http://bit.ly/22HurbF

You can tweet as many or as few times as you like about any aspect of healthcare….Just make sure that you include #ShowsWorkplaceCompassion in your tweet in order to take part.

If you choose to take part in the #ShowsWorkplaceCompassion research campaign, please read the information which tells you all you need to know about being a participant.