‘Leading and inspiring excellence in maternity care’ at the Royal Society of Medicine #RSMMaternity

‘Leading and inspiring excellence in maternity care’ was the First conference led by consultant midwives held at the Royal Society of Medicine.


 👏👏Thank you to our hosts…  &

“‘Once a consultant midwife always a consultant midwife…’ – 

Evidence, research and leadership remained strong themes throughout the day…

The key attributes of the   were also presented to us by the fabulous professor @maryrenfrew as we all reflected on how we could drive the profession forward…

Professor  also encouraged midwives to apply for funded PhD opportunities- for more information on this, explore

Then, ⁩ presented the ⁦⁩ this year is the year of the leader!

…and of course…continuity of carer entered the conversation too..

However, the three most exciting parts of the day were as follows:

Sharing our research with an audience of really awesome midwives…..

Sharing the panel with some really awesome midwives….

But most of all… meeting the legendary @wdsavage ‏ , receiving first prize and winning the Wendy Savage Award…Thank you! This  award will enable us to share our work even further as I head to the MAMA Conference in May.

For me, reflections of the day included how I might lead change for childbearing women with hypermobile  and support the midwifery profession to thrive in their wellbeing. To that end, I have begun working on the generation of new evidence to support midwives in work-related psychological distress and evidence to support new understandings in relation to how we care for people having babies more effectively.


If you would like to follow the progress of work going forward..

Follow me via @SallyPezaroThe Academic MidwifeThis blog

Until next time…Look after yourselves and each other 💚💙💜❤

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