#Expo15NHS #MatExp & #HealthyStaff4HealthyPatients: Sharing passion for #NHS staff well being at @NHSExpo

As I come to the end of my 1st year as a doctoral researcher, I have also become very busy in preparation for my yearly performance review. I am definitely keen to share all of the exciting work I have been doing, and I hope the performance review panel will share my enthusiasm for this research journey. It has certainly kept me busy, hence the lapse in blog posts!

This week I had an inspiring experience at the #Expo15NHS conference with colleagues from @NHSEngland@NHSEnglandPX , @MKHospital@CovUni_CTEHR and @SheffieldHosp. The agenda was jam packed with the showcasing of innovative ideas, new models of care and collective movements for positive change. I was definitely among my ‘Tribe’.

As I moved from presentation to presentation, chuckling at the amusing quips from @RoyLilley I quickly saw the widespread passion for creating a healthy future within the NHS. The exhibitors were also really inspiring, and it was amazing to see new technologies emerging within health and social care. Secretary of State for Health Jeremy Hunt MP challenged the NHS to ensure all patient were able to access their full medical records online by 2016, accompanied by a commitment to a review of data security. I know that there are many change agents ready for this challenge (myself included). I am indeed excited for the future.

Day one of #Expo15NHS saw NHS England Chief Executive Simon Stevens announce major new work to support NHS staff to improve their own health and wellbeing, with specialist packages for GPs suffering signs of burnout. This of course was music to my ears. I am now even more certain that the research I am doing to support healthcare professionals (starting with midwives) in psychological distress is relevant, powerful and firmly on the national agenda.

This theme of NHS staff well being dominated NHS Expo. As such, I was keen to follow this with the honor of presenting a scoping view of the literature in relation to #NHS staff health and well being, and exploring the impact that staff health may have upon work performance and staff engagement. Delegates, commissioners, clinicians, academics and policy makers came to this seminar in search of supporting healthy staff for healthy NHS organisations. It was encouraging to see that this seminar had been over subscribed to in advance of NHS Expo. Indeed, some people were turned away from the session!

NHS Expo

Myself and Rhian Bishop (Staff Engagement Lead at Sheffield Teaching Hospitals Foundation Trust) presented workshop 20 of the pop-up university sessions at @NHSExpo : Improving staff experience to improve performance….

The session focused on the impact staff engagement and experience has upon organisational performance, specifically patient experience. The session was aimed at commissioners and policy makers, and outlined why staff experience is so important. It also offered examples from an organisation has has improved staff experience to great effect.

This session was very well received. I saw smiling faces, engaged thinking and delegates taking notes. So I wanted to take this opportunity to thank those who shared our passion for the health and well being of #NHS staff at NHS expo. The future definitely looks brighter in this respect now that we have you on board.


#MatExp @ #Expo15NHS

Aside from my own session, I also wanted to raise the profile of an amazing midwifery movement known as #MatExp. #MatExp is a powerful grassroots campaign using the Whose Shoes?® approach to identify and share best practice across the nation’s maternity services. I had the privilege of becoming a part of their seminar at NHS Expo. Their enthusiasm is contagious! They engaged all of us to reflect upon the importance of kindness, empathy, and compassion in midwifery care. As I reflected upon my own practice and personal experiences, I also reflected upon the need to show ourselves compassion, look after colleagues and create #healthystaff4healthypatients. I am definitely proud to be part of #MatExp ..they are raising the profile of the midwifery profession and flying the flag for better maternity services. I hope the #MatExp crew can become a part of this research journey and share their rich wealth of knowledge and experiences.

But for now…In the words of Bill and Ted “Be excellent to each other”….


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