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Researchers say negative workplace relationships definitely exist and seem to flourish in large organisations such as the UK National Health Service (Stevenson, Randle & Grayling, 2006).

People say bullying is a strategic survival mechanism of the very insecure and the control over someone else grants a certain confidence and hides inadequacy.

Whether it’s called bullying, negative workplace relationships or intimidation, I would guess pretty much everyone has witnessed it in some form, if not experienced it themselves. They’re not random acts of impoliteness but more purposeful, targeted, and meant to harm. But what happens when we feel it, experience it or have to work in affected environments?

The artist Matt Mahurin is a US illustrator, photographer and film director. His work isn’t always easy on the eye as he chooses bleak and intriguing scenes depicting depravity and controversial topics such as abortion clinics and prisons. The illustration below is one…

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