Grumpy Midwife has given birth

Such a great and innovative project to support maternity staff in practice! – Had to share ūüėÄ

Grumpy Midwife

Grumpy Midwife is ridiculously proud to announce the birth, after a 12 month gestation, of a brand new smartphone app for midwives, obstetricians, maternity support staff, midwifery and medical students. Funded by a grant from NHS Thames Valley Health Education Midwifery Fund and imaginatively entitled Childbirth Emergencies, the app gives step-by-step management of the Big Five of obstetric emergencies ‚Äď plus sepsis. There is also a nice little section on support of women and their families and staff caught up in traumatic events. It‚Äôs available totally FREE to download from the Apple App Store (and, no, sorry, there are no immediate plans for an Android version; the money has run out). Follow @MidwifeApp on Twitter to find out more or just search ‚Äúchildbirth emergencies‚Äô in the App Store.

Grumpy Midwife hopes that her baby will now make it’s own way in the world, spreading enlightenment, giving encouragement, empowering maternity care…

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